Gebo’s priorities include:
  • Changing the lives of pets and their owners through avenues of adoption and pet-related events
  • Help support the values, work ethic and leadership opportunities through 4H & FFA
  • Organizations/causes that relate to the products we sell (i.e. - animals, pet, equine) in counties with a Gebo’s location
  • Recognize our history & heritage of farm and ranch (i.e. – rodeos, fairs, ag/livestock shows)
  • Children & families seeking education on ag-related products/topics
  • Gebo’s full-time employees can opt to volunteer up to eight (8) hours per year and be paid for their time
  • Gebo’s will match our employees’ donations to qualified nonprofits, up to $100
Exclusions include:
  • Lobbying or advocacy groups
  • Events connected with religious or political causes
  • Labor organizations
  • Third party fund raising organizations
  • Individuals or for-profit businesses
  • Organized sports teams or leagues
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, telethons, corporate picnics or outings
  • Solicitations to advertise (high school yearbook, congratulations state champions, etc.)
Additional info:

Please submit all requests at least 45 days in advance of the event. To enable us to support multiple organizations and events, we may only grant one donation per organization per year.


Donation Request Form

All questions with an asterisk (*) are required. If approved, you will be contacted directly. Please do not contact stores as they are unable to provide status updates. Inquiries can be made to.

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