Gebo's Buildings

Gebo Distributing Company, Inc. was founded in 1959 by Horace Gebo at Plainview, Texas to provide agricultural items to the ranchers and farmers of West Texas. Mr. Gebo first came to the area during WWII as a flight instructor. After the war he returned to his native Minnesota but the lure of West Texas, the land and the people stayed with him until 1959 when he returned and opened the first Gebo’s in Plainview, Texas.

Over the years Gebo’s has grown to 20 stores, a distribution center and central office. The stores are located primarily throughout West Texas, with three in the Dallas metro-area and two in New Mexico. The main office and distribution center remain in Plainview, the original home of Gebo’s.

Gebo’s is as unique as the West Texas landscape, no “cookie-cutter” big box stores. Each store is as unique as the town it is in, as unique as the people that make up the Gebo’s family of employees, as unique as the people that are our customers. Each store is a reflection of the people we serve and the land that serves us all.

For supplies for your farm or ranch, large or small, we invite you to visit your nearest Gebo’s where you will find great service and low prices on quality merchandise for you, your farm and your home.