Posted on February 15, 2023

Overpopulation/Pet Rescue - Gebo's

I am learning so much about the overpopulation of domesticated animals since I have an animal sanctuary with farm animals. It is a sad reality we live in today. It is overwhelming for us animal lovers. Just a few days ago, I was with a woman during a dog rescue. The dog was running down the road in the middle of a festival attempting to get food from them. The animal was starving. This woman has been trying to find the owners, but no one came forward. She did end up taking the dog home, but her dogs did not do well with the new one. She was forced to take the puppy to the shelter after calling other places, but all of the resources the other places have were full. Once she was at the shelter, she was informed the dog had five days and would be euthanized due to having no available room. This is a problem. This is in Texas. It is important to spay and neuter your dogs and cats. That poor puppy does not deserve the fate she is about to receive, but because there are no resources for stray and unwanted animals, she will die. She will pay the price for irresponsible pet owners. It breaks my heart because I am such an animal lover. I would love to take her, but I have eighty animals of my own. I am not giving up, we are searching for a home. 

Written by: Shanna Kelley

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