Posted on April 19, 2023

Dumb Dog/Smart Dog - Gebo's

When I was growing up we weren't allowed to have animals in the house. Mom said with six kids she didn't need anymore chaos underfoot.

We did, however, have an outside dog. He was an orangish-colored Cocker Spaniel named Gus. My Dad always said he was the dumbest dog ever born. He never listened, never learned any tricks and he was constantly tearing things up.

Each afternoon around four o'clock Gus was in the front yard to greet us as we arrived home on the school bus. He would run, jump, bark and wag his stumpy little tail. One particular day, as the bus pulled up, Gus ran right in front of the vehicle that was jam packed with children.

The dumb little Cocker Spaniel lay on the country street. Unmoving. Everyone was wailing. Mom rushed him to the nearest vet. He was fine, except for a broken leg.

Gus was allowed to come inside the house. We cuddled with him, played with him and fed him by hand. We couldn't get enough of him and he couldn't get enough of us. But, once his leg healed, Mom put him right back outside.

Mere days later, a lady from Mom's Sunday School class came by to visit. She pulled her car into the driveway and instantly realized she'd hit a dog. Gus was taken back to the veterinarian.  He had broken his other leg.

As we gathered in front of the fireplace and rubbed our fingers through Gus' orange fur, Dad smiled and slowly shook his head.

"That dog's not dumb," he said. "He's actually pretty smart. He knew exactly how to get back into this house."

Article written by: Melissa Andres

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