Posted on June 21, 2023

What We Lost - Gebo's

As I look at the world as it is now, I can’t help but think about what it once was. The advent of the internet brought about the information age. But, I think it also took some things away too.

I know its been said a million times before but I really do long for the good ol’ days. My generation and maybe a few after were the last to enjoy HUMAN interaction. Don’t get me wrong we have gained a lot with the computer age but, I think what’s equally important are the things we lost. 

I remember playing outside all day long till night fell and being called in for dinner. We wore scars, cuts, and bruises as badges of honor. I myself played the great sport of football and learned valuable lessons I still carry with me today. I learned how to work hard and fix cars with my dad. 

Yea, I had some video games but that was back when you couldn’t even save your game and had to start all over when you died. In school, when you liked someone you had to actually WORK to get to know them. You had to have the courage to go up and speak to them. Then came writing letters and landline calls into the late-night hours. Fighting with your brother or sister over who gets to use the phone next. 

Memories along with old letters and photos were kept in an old shoebox for safe keeping. I spent my summers bricking houses with my dad and learning the true value of a hard day’s labor and the value of a dollar.

When it was time to eat, we all sat together and if you were lucky you got to have a soda with dinner. Otherwise, I would make some tea or the always popular Kool-Aid. There was a whopping four channels, and Saturday mornings were made great with cartoons. Everything had its allotted place and time.

Computers, cellphones, and the Internet changed all that. Now, no one works hard to achieve anything. All you need to do is cry or complain and someone will be by promptly with a trophy or an award you didn’t earn. Television now has a million channels. I see kids watching videos of other people playing games instead of playing the games themselves. I went to get my inspection sticker last month and a man in his late twenties early thirties pulled up and asked for some air for his tire. The attendant pointed to the hose and he looked as lost as could be and said “ can you do it for me? I don’t know how. I have never had to do that in my life” the attendant nodded her head and I died a little inside. all of humanities knowledge is at everyone’s fingertips and yet we couldn’t be more dumb or lazy. I often wonder if everything we have gained is worth everything….we have?

By: Robert Cantu

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