Posted on July 19, 2023

Good Ole Fishin' - Gebo's

       “You and me go fishin’ in the dark, lying on our backs and countin’ the stars where cool grass grows.” Who else remembers this classic? I hadn’t heard it until my oldest sister mentioned that was her and her boyfriends love song. I thought it was disgusting then however, MANY years later I met my now husband. He was everything I could have ever imagined. The best part was he was a good fisherman.

         As a child up until I was maybe 15 years old. I LOVED being outdoors. I loved fishing, I loved hunting, I loved camping, dirt biking, mudding, you name it. Once, I started having kids, for some reason, I just COULDN’T get interested in much of it anymore.

         It was Mother’s Day weekend. I had already celebrated with my kids and my husband took me out camping. First time id been camping in about 8 years. We camped next to this BEAUTIFUL lake and had the whole campground to ourselves. It was just perfect. He then invited me to go fishing. He handed me a pole, tackle box, and said “ here’s a good spot for you. You stay here and ill go down aways.”

         I sat there anxious and ready to out fish him. When I opened the box, there were live worms. I, of course, didn’t want to make him think I couldn’t do this. So, I reached right in there, picked up the juiciest one I could find. Began piercing it’s body with the hook, and that sucker flip flopped all over my hand, I screamed so loud maybe the second campground could hear me. I dropped everything. He came runnin so fast. “What! What happened?” I was so embarrassed. I said, nothing.

         He def out fished me for sure. I wasn’t until much later that night I told him what had really happened and that I was afraid he wouldn’t like me because I couldn’t do some of the outdoors things he was into.

         Needless to say, we’ve been married 17 years, and I am fully capable, now, of baiting my own hook and removing fish from my hook as well. Only took 10 years to get there.

         I think my main point is that there’s just something about spending time fishing. Sometimes you’ll go a whole day without catching a single thing or something that’s itty bitty. Or perhaps you’re out there on a mission. Regardless spending time fishin’ is one of the best things for a human’s soul I believe. Each one of my kids knows how to fish, how to bait a hook, and how to get it in the boat or on the shore.

         Get outside. Do a little fishin’ here and there. You won’t regret it I promise. Love y’all.

By: Katie Windsor

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