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00585 Iowa Steel Hog Panels

Oklahoma Steel 34" x 16' Hog Panel

Features include 11 line wires, 34" high, 1/4ga, and horizontal spacing. This design has spacing dimensions of: first four rows are 2", next two are 3", next row is 4", next two are 5", remaining row 6" with 8" vertical spacing.

Our Price: $23.99

00597 00595 Oklahoma Steel Stock Panel

Oklahoma Steel 50" X 16' Cattle Panel

These utility fence panels have multiple uses on the farm as well as residential purposes.

Our Price: $19.99

0079 5 Oklahoma Steel Horse Panel

Oklahoma Steel Horse Panel 4'x16' 2"x4" Spacing

Whether you are dividing a stall or fencing a pasture, these sturdy 6 gauge galvanized wire panels will offer superior fencing.Built with the same galvanized before welding process, as our cattle panels.

Our Price: $59.99


Oklahoma Steel Utility Panel 5'x16' 4"x4" Spacing

A wide variety of spacing configurations, along with several lengths in either 4 gauge or 6 gauge, make these panels extremely versatile for many applications, which include hog pens, hog traps, dog pens, and many other farm and residential uses.

Our Price: $49.99

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