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222220462 Chevron Delo 400 LE 15W40 Gallon

Chevron Delo 400 LE 15W40 1 Gallon

Maximizes engine, oil filter and DPF performance. Formulated to meet the requirements of post-2007 low emission engines equiped with advanced emission control technologies. 1 Gal.

Our Price: $15.99

663004002010 Citgo Mystik 2 Gal 15W50 JT 8 Oil

Citgo Mystik 1 Gal. 15W50 JT 8 Oil

This synthetic blend engine oil has a carefully balanced additive system and premium base stock that gives outstanding deposit control. 1 Gal.

Our Price: $13.99

905432 Harvest King LithFlex Grease

Harvest King LithFlex Grease 14 Oz.

A Lithium base multi purpose grease that may be used for most farm applications, including chassis, water pumps and other grease lubricated bearings. 14 Oz. tube.

Our Price: $1.99

663004002159 Mystik 1 Quart 15W50 Motor Oil

Mystik 1 Qt. 15W50 Motor Oil

Provides superior soot-handling and wear protection. Helps to maintain long-term low emission performance. Offers superior high temperature protection. Easier starting and rapid oil flow in cold weather. 1 Qt.

Our Price: $3.69

663003002078 Citgo Mystik 2 Gal 15W40 JT 8 Synthetic Oil

Mystik 2 Gal. 15W40 JT 8 Synthetic Oil

Provides superior soot-handling & wear protection for modern heavy-duty diesel engines. Helps maintain long-term low emissions. 2 Gal.

Our Price: $28.99

1420524 Mystik 15W50 Motor Oil 2 Gallon

Mystik 2 Gal. 15W50 Motor Oil

This premium quality detergent/dispersant formulation guards against sludge, reduces deposits and protects against rust, corrosion and wear. 2 Gal.

Our Price: $27.99

663006002078 Citgo Mystik 2 Gal SAE 30 JT 8 Synthetic Oil

Mystik 2 Gal. SAE 30 JT 8 Synthetic Oil

Straight 30 grade provides strong protection for heavy duty diesel and gasoline engines where a single SAE grade is recommended. 2 Gal.

Our Price: $28.99

663004002004 Citgo Mystik 5 Gal 15W50 Synthetic Oil

Mystik 5 Gal. 15W50 Synthetic Oil

Provides outstanding protection for heavy duty engines, including turbocharged low emissions diesels. This formula is engineered for extra performance in challenging service conditions. 5 Gal.

Our Price: $69.99

665005002080 Mystik JT6 Hi Temp Multi Purpose Grease Tube

Mystik JT-6 High Temperature Grease 14 Oz.

High performance mining and construction grease. 14 Oz.

Our Price: $4.49

665006002080 Mystik JT6 Multi Purpose Grease Tube

Mystik JT-6 Multi-Purpose Grease 14 Oz.

Highly water wash resistant and water insoluble. Light colored and low staining. Very low oil separation rate. Protects under high loads. Excellent adhesion permits it to have better “stay-ability” than most other greases. 14 Oz.

Our Price: $3.99

550019913 Shell Rotella Triple Protection

Shell Rotella T 15W 40 Engine Oil 1 Gal.

Maximize engine life, exceptional protection in control of valve train wear, piston ring and liner wear. Demonstrated performance reserve throughout the oil drain interval for protection and lubrication. 1 Gal.

Our Price: $17.99

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