December, 2014

Why A Pair Of Tony Lama® Boots?

When you shop for boots you want quality, comfort and control. Tony Lama® is unsurpassed in quality and workmanship. Every handcrafted pair must meet strict requirements before the Tony Lama® name goes on.

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Winter Finches - By Don & Lillian Stokes

When winter comes, be on the lookout for a special group of birds visiting your feeders.  This group is the Finches.  They breed mostly in the far North and move down into the lower 48 states when their food is scarce, although American Goldfinches can be found all year in much of the country.  Finches eat mostly seeds, so they like weedy fields and are good candidates to appear at your winter feeder for sunflower and thistle seeds.  They are small birds with short conical beaks and short well-notched tails.  They are usually in flocks, have strongly undulating flight paths, and give twittering calls while aloft.  Their flock size can vary from a few birds to hundreds. 

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